Artists - Introduce Yourself!

Let area business owners and shops know you are ready to partner.


How It Works

We are so excited by your interest in Fairfax Art Walk 2019. This is not an application process and the event is not juried. We cannot guarantee you a spot. Your information is shared to town merchants and businesses who are participating in the event and want to host an artist in their business. They make their own arrangement with the artist. That’s where we step back in to promote you and the business for a successful event. That being said we do have guidelines:

Have you partnered with a merchant already? Please fill out the form and include the business name in the space provided.

All creators and makers: This event highlights local Fairfax artists and is also open to Ross Valley artists and West Marin.

Crafts: Original, unique work showing quality and craftsmanship.

Visual Art: Unique original works created in any medium, including digital. If you work in traditional media and sell a reproduction of your work, please have the original work there for purchase as well.

Musicians and Performers: For any street performers we do require that you plan an acoustic performance. Some of the artists who participated last year did use very small boosters to carry the sound to those immediately around them. The city does not allow amplified music.

Group show
We want to offer this opportunity to as many artists as we can. For artists who are interested in showing but do not have a merchant, we offer a group show. Due to limited space and the number of interested artists, the group show will be juried. The selection process will be done by Anne Mannes, Maria Baird, Georgia Gibbs, Stephanie Mohan, and Susan  Pascal-Beran. Due to the nature of the event. the participants will not be announced until mid-September. Preference will be shown to artists who have not had the opportunity to participate in the past.

Please visit the artist pages from the event last year. They are the best introduction to the event and show the diversity of both our artists and the visitors we attract.

  • Painter, Maker, Digital, Music, Dance - you get the idea!
  • Visual artists and makers

    As we get a lot of interest and we are volunteers with full-time jobs, please follow these instructions and help us help you. You may have to do this from your desktop computer if you need to name files properly. Attach up to 3 images to share with merchants who are interested in finding an artist to team up with for Art Walk.
    • Your images should be representative of your artwork for Fairfax Art Walk. DO NOT EMAIL THEM TO US
    • Images size is limited to 2MB max. Prepare your images to be 72dpi, and measure up to 1040 x 1040 pixels and no less than 700 x 700 pixels. Save them as jpegs.
    • Files names must be in the following format to be accepted: artistfirstname-artistlastname-1.jpg, artistfirstname-artistlastname-2.jpg, artistfirstname-artistlastname-3.jpg

    Musicians and Performers

    : Please do not upload media files to our server. Instead, provide a URL to sample files on the streaming services where you have posted your work. You can add this information to the Additional Info area above.

  • Artists and Makers: Add 1-3 files, 6MB total allowed. You must include this to be added to the list.
    Drop files here or