Shannon Hart | Mixed media

Shimmer, 1830 Sir Francis Drake Blvd


Shannon Hart, Mixed media


Artist website:

Shannon’s mixed media portraits blend realism & abstraction in assemblages of paint, graphite drawings, pastel, ink, fabric & handmade paper to form fine art conceptual collages. Audacious colors & seemingly incongruous patterns with dramatic monochromatic portraits unite to reveal deeper meaning below the surface. Layer upon layer, colorful shapes & textures merge to form a new vibrant whole.

Bio (full bio on the website) Shannon Hart is a 5th generation Californian with an active studio in San Rafael. Her vibrant, expressive art is designed to challenge the imagination while still connecting to the viewer through universal themes & imagery. Inspired by the shapes and interplay of life’s dazzling colors and patterns, Shannon creates interpretive portraits of people & places with a blend of realism and abstraction.

“I identify deeply as a Californian yet consider myself a citizen of the world. Places with rich multi-cultural environments feature in all my work. No matter where I travel or live, I happily return to my roots in California.”

1830 Sir Francis Drake Blvd