Randy Gual |Painting, Furniture, Lights

Way Station, 2001 Sir Francis Drake Blvd.


Randy Gaul, Cosmic conception

Artist Website: https://www.haloclinestudio.com/

Randy Gaul is an artist living and working in Fairfax, California. Over the past 25 years, Randy has lent his talents to over 74 films as well as hundreds of commercials, games, resort developments, and virtual reality. In September 2017, Randy founded Halocline Studio as a natural extension of his creativity.

This new venture is not only a gallery space for his works, but also a collaborative public gallery that has already featured other local artists, writers, and creatives within his extended community.

As Randy’s art evolves, he has developed a studio ethos that revolves around discarded items that find their way back into his art. This process takes into mind the unprecedented waste our hyper-consumptive culture so easily discards. Randy sees tremendous value in what some consider waste or byproducts, ranging from industrial manufacturing processes to simple roadside, “broken” furniture. Randy most often uses acrylic resin as a vehicle for these items, along with paints and many other mixed media

2001 Sir Francis Drake Blvd.