Kristen Meyers | Paintings

The Herban Garden, 15 Bolinas Road

Clay and paint Beauty weaving… Visionary Art, Sacred Craft, Essential Bodywork Kristen grew up in Memphis, TN and has been an artist since she was a child. She attended Pratt Institute in NYC, before moving to New Orleans, LA. She has also spent significant time or lived in North Carolina, Maine, Australia, and Kauai. Her art has been shaped by experience, culture, and nature in all these places. Kristen spent the last 10 years focusing in the healing arts and is now exploring the place where healing and creative arts meet. She is gifted in Massage and somatics. She is healed and fed by her relationship with creative expression. She creates in reverence to the earth and all of nature, the creative power that moves through her, and the wisdom weavers who came before her. The pottery has been formed often using lace, stamps, rocks, and methods of hand building. The lace honors many women hands throughout time, many unnamed artists and makers. She is touched by the preciousness of the human hand making and the preciousness of nature. Kristen’s art and bodywork continue to inform one another. She has learned much about touch through working with clay and paint. She is grateful to share the nourishment of beauty in this world. To contact her directly write Showing at The Herban Garden