June Li | Painter

Painter June Li “The flower doesn’t dream of the bee. It blossoms and the bee comes” This series is about shift from scarcity to abundance. The scarcity loop: Fear – Anxiety – poor choice – negative outcomes; The abundance loop: Gratitude – peace of mind – wise choices – positive outcomes. I like to share with you the abundance of living a simple life by choice full lights and treasure.
Each of my paintings points to an experience, tells a story and expresses its own life. I hope one of them will inspire you. – June
June Li paints as she lives, with an intention to show that life is about realizing possibilities. Trained in Visual Art at South China Normal University and in Studio Art at Sonoma State University, her paintings reflect the unique cross-cultural journey she has taken from China to San Francisco. June’s work is a dynamic encounter with nature, perception and the many challenges that lead us towards a place of insight and learning. She currently moved to Fairfax painting and teaching expressive art. Her more recent work explores meditative states and healing arts. June’s paintings are on display at a range of public and private collections in the Bay Area. Her recent commissions include works for the new San Francisco 49ers Levi’s Stadium art collection and a large sculptural heart installation for “Hearts for Heroes” at San Francisco General Hospital. She is currently available for commissioned projects, art classes and exhibitions. For more information please contact her at juneliart@gmail.com Online http://www.juneliart.com