Joelle Levy | Mystic Art, Mixed Media

Lola’s Depot 1826 Sir Francis Drake Blvd


Joelle Levy has been making her dolls, which she calls ‘bundles’ off-and-on for the past 25 years. These bundles come from the need to create, make, remake, transform and beautify. She works primarily with objects found in nature or junk heaps. Recycle, reuse, upcycled.

Joelle is also the owner of Lola’s Depot. She’s been in Fairfax 18 years and has had Lola’s for 10 years. Lola’s Depot is a curated mix of clothing, jewelry, books, toys, and Knick-Knacks. All second hand or from the pool of goods already in circulation.


1826 Sir Francis Drake Blvd