This group show showcases artist from several disciplines. Abstract painters, ceramic sculpture, pastels, and hat makers are just a few of the specialties you will find here. Showing: Laurie Berliner, Shanna Bruschi, Jessica Green, Judith Klain, Sahra Salin, and Sierra Salin

Laurie Berliner of Madge and Me

Atlas Health Group ShowOn the web: Bespoke apparel and hats for men and women handmade in Fairfax, California. A custom tailor and dressmaker for men, women, and children.

Shanna Bruschi Abstracts

Atlas Health Group Show On the web: I am mostly drawn to abstraction recently because of its lack of confines….the challenge of creating something provocative out of nothing, and never knowing what to expect. My process is very physical, in which I energetically cover the canvas with thick layers of paint, mostly with a palette knife, that are worked and reworked, scraped and peeled. The texture becomes an object as well as a space; it is empty yet has a restless energy. This method allows me little control, suggesting emotions and states of being rather than detailing. I love the challenge of rebelling against the rules of order and finding passages of harmony in the discord.

Jessica Green

Ceramic Sculpture by Jessica Green On the web: Nature has always entranced me and so I love to capture it as best I can as it brings me closer to it: Landscapes, flowers, human form, animals, etc. The colors and shapes are a challenge and exciting to recreate along with my feelings about them. Art Nouveau is also an inspiration for me with its flowing lines and natural subjects. I am interested in making functional objects and have made a series of urns with lids as a vessel. Also, I have made plaques in relief for hanging and a dance series. More recently I am doing  Figurative sculptures with live models.

Judith Klain

Atlas Health Group Show On the web:

Sarah Salin

Atlas Health Group Show On the web: Fine Art Textiles, Drawing, Design Drawing is integral to her process as an artist and a human. While my art eventually takes form as a woven textile, inspirations are always first captured from my imagination as drawing. I’ve kept sketchbooks most of my adult life and often refer back to them to find those heightened moments still available to me, triggered by the marks I’ve put down. The drawing is a vital recording of an otherwise forgotten moment, a waking dream

Sierra Salin | Photographer | Social actavist

Thank you to Atlas Health. They are supporting the arts in Fairfax in a grand manner by offering the use of their health center to Fairfax Art Walk in order to host a group show. Special thanks for your deep generosity!