Danielle Fogel | Mixed Media, print

Creative Portraiture, 48 Bolinas Road


Creative Portaiture


Portfolio: fairfaxart.com
48 Bolinas Road

With my recent mixed media work I am exploring the idea of a quilt: parts and layers linked together to make a whole. I use translucent material to investigate how light and shadows can either be controlled or create interesting contrasts of chance.
I try to use as much found and recycled materials as possible. I appreciate the notion that these materials add an additional element of history to the piece; i.e. wood framing that was once a fence picket, and tissue that once wrapped a gift becomes a background. I have always enjoyed using birds and animals in my art. I like to learn how other cultures symbolize these creatures and then construct my own interpretation. Most recently, I have focused on studies or quick compositions where I depict stanzas of poetry by Wallace Stevens and John Keats. My attempt is to create a “mind’s eye view” of the poet’s verse.