Charlie Kennard | Master Weaver

Fairfax Backyard Farmer, 135 Bolinas Rd


European beehives, woven


Artist website:
Charlie Kennard is a master weaver and native plant specialist. He gathers natural materials, many of them used by native people of this region, and weaves them into functional items with sculptural grace. He pulls from multiple weaving traditions. The beehives pictured here pull from a number of European cultures. They are, left to right:
1) Cow-dung coated twined hazel.
2) Based on Dutch wedding skep; layers from inside to out: twined willow, cow-dung, rush, binding cane, deer grass cap.
3) Harding grass straw bound with split blackberry canes.
4) Twined hazel on whorl of white fir branches; it would need a dung coating for use.

Showing at Fairfax Backyard Farmer