Charles Henry Paul | Songwriter, Musician

The Potting Shed, 55 Bolinas Road


PLAYING: The Potting Shed: 6:00pm
There is something instantly recognizable in Charles Henry Paul’s songwriting. Blending the themes and traditions of old time american music into carefully crafted songs, Charles Henry Paul has a voice all his own. Originally from Washington, DC, Charles Henry Paul first came to the Bay Area the late 1990’s singing his own version of the American Songbook. As a lifelong student of music and musical traditions, Charles Henry Paul treats his music like a living, breathing history of America. His concerts showcase a timeline of traditional American music, blending acoustic guitar, old-time banjo, and mandolin together to paint a portrait of an America seldom seen in popular music today. His songwriting is steeped in tradition, strong roots, and nature, yet brings a modern take on common themes. It is both easily relatable and recognizable. He has quickly gained a cult following with his down home songs, and laid back style.

Website: charley.paul

55 Bolinas Road